Fjord Trends Experience
Visual Identity
Generative Design
Design & Art direction
Gio PandonePhotography
Knu Kim
Mauricio Tonon
Music"Hummingbirds and Spider Silk"
—Otis Galloway
Made at Fjord

7 unique artworks were generated randomly and using the glitch aesthetic as an analogy on the imperfection of technology.

On the 15th of February 2018 Fjord invited a selected group of people to participate in the Fjord Trends Experience. Micro theater plays, workshops, four different venues, and a gymkhana, were the elements of this unprecedented formula for the event.

The aim was to visually communicate the contrast between human and artificial, organic, and synthetic. Using the glitch as an analogy on the imperfection of technology.

Every illustration represents each and every one of the fjord trends plus the main artwork that acts as a generic image for the event. The proportions changed based on different supports creating a flexible system that allowed the identity to live in multiple formats.

On top of printed materials, a short gif-inspired clip was realized, used during the attendees onboarding, and as a photocall background through a projection, generating great engagement with the public.

A song that matched the overall mood of the clip was selected, with its organic, constant percussion, in contrast to the subtly dark, synthetic vibe, provided by the sound of electronic pads and background abstract noise.

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