Italian designer and art director based in Stockholm and focused on brand experience. Currently working full-time at Accenture Song (formerly known as Fjord) as Visual Design Lead.


Gio Pandone
Design / Art Direction
Selected Work

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Stockholm 2024
Selected Work 2015 / 2024
Made at Fjord Madrid and Fjord / Accenture Song Stockholm or as an independent designer
10 Zerotude
Visual identity and website for Zerotude. A start-up helping real estate companies and municipalities accelerate the transition to a sustainable property portfolio.
09 Sara Kulturhus
A revitalised brand through a new visual identity system, capturing and elevating Sara Lidman's spirit.

Red Dot Award 2023
08 Knu Kim
Visual identity and digital portfolio for Knu Kim, a talented Korean photographer based in Madrid.
07 Jackytwostep
Visual identity and digital portfolio for Jackytwostep, a brilliant street and fashion photographer based in Melbourne.
06 Bankia
A revamped mobile app experience for one the major Bank in Spain.
05 Tucca
Visual identity and website for Tucca. A brand reinventing the concept of the traditional beach towel.
04 Intangibles
An exhibition without physical artworks that questions how technology changes the way we experience art.
03 Fundament
Visual identity for Fundament, an NGO focused on redesigning coexistence.
02 Frinje Festival
Temporary visual identity and website for Frinje Festival, the most groundbreaking performing arts festival in Madrid.
01 Visual Voyages
Perpetual exploration of shapes, colors, and compositions, as well, as homage artworks and posters.

Gio's practice thrives at the intersection of emotion and reason, intuition and logic, craftsmanship and business impact. Within this space—where his tenets rooted in modernist design seamlessly blend with the digital realm—brand experiences naturally flourish, exerting influence on their environment.

↑ Portrait by Knu Kim
In 2009 he began his career in the advertising industry, working as an art director for DDB and JWT, two of the most prominent multinational advertising firms in the world. Shortly thereafter, he shifted his focus to designing digital brand experiences, and he has been doing so since 2014.

He's also co-founder of Re—Union: a multidisciplinary space of creation based in Madrid in which his passion for digital and brand identities design comes alive on freelance bases, outside the corporate world.
Throughout his career, Gio has had the pleasure of working for clients such as:
Banco Sabadell
Fundación Telefónica
Sara Kulturhus
Teatro Español
Knu Kim
A lover of music, Gio has been a musician for 15 years. He was the lead singer and synth player for the former Spanish post-punk act October People, which released two albums between 2012 and 2015.

In his spare time he enjoys going to watch movies and tv shows, playing his collection of Volca synthesizers, working out, and above all reading about art, design, media theory, philosophy, Nordic noir and science fiction.
Gio's work has been featured on:
Red Dot Winner 2023
In 2023 he has been awarded with a Red Dot in Brand Design for the rebranding of Sara Kulturhus.
Gio is influenced by avant-garde artistic movements of the early to mid-twentieth century, such as Suprematism and Russian Constructivism, as well as the Bauhaus, Dutch, and Swiss graphic design.

Additionally, he draws inspiration from digital culture and how technology continually shapes the human and cultural condition.
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