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Gio Pandone

Design — Art Direction

Working at Fjord

Co-founder of Re—Union

Visual designer focused on the creation of digital and physical experiences, design systems and brand identities. His work, led by research and concept-driven, aims to provide straightforward and memorable solutions.

Selected Projects


Knu Kim Photo

—Coming soon.
Website design for Knu Kim, a talented Korean photographer based in Madrid.

More about Knu Kim Photo



Website design for Re—Union, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Madrid.

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Visual identity for Fundament, an NGO focused on designing coexistence.

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An experiential exhibition without physical artworks. Designed with a user-centric approach, Intangibles questions how technology changes the way we experience art.

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Brand redesign concept for ISDI: a digital business school established in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City and the Silicon Valley.

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Visual identity and website design for Tucca, a new beach towel brand that sticks on the sand and connects with others Tucca towels.

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2017 — Present

Fjord Confidential



Frinje Festival

Visual identity and website design for Frinje, the most groundbreaking performing arts festival in Madrid, hosted by Matadero Madrid.

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