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Exploring how technology influences the way we look at, feel, and interpret artworks.

Fundación Telefónica is a leading telco’s cultural fund in Spain. It owns an extensive art collection and exhibition spaces.They approached Accenture and Fjord to create a pioneer project that enriches the traditional paradigm of the relation between object and subject in art.Intangibles is an exhibition without physical artworks. It rediscovers them through 9 uniques digital experiences. It's also held simultaneously in more than 5 countries throughout Europe and Latin America.Through technology like photogrammetry, generative art, 3D printing, Kinect, video-mapping, and virtual reality, the visitors, interact, dive and even re-create artworks belonging to artist such as Joaquín Torres-García, Pablo Picasso, Roberto Matta, Juan Gris, René Magritte, Paul Delvaux, Eduardo Chillida, María Blanchard y Antoni Tàpies.During the research phase, we approached stakeholders, art experts, and potential visitors to uncover different perspectives and their motivations when creating and attending art exhibitions. We conducted desk research on art and technology trends, as well as safaris to experiential art exhibitions to identify best practices and find inspiration.

We defined 5 Design Principles and Mindsets based on the research results and on museology theories around the interpretation of an exhibition, the exhibition space, and visitors’ learning style and a narrative.

Taking the research learnings as a starting point we co-created experiences around the 14 artworks. To validate the technical feasibility of the experiences we developed 15 proofs of concept (PoCs).


• Visitor journey experience
• Content creation guidelines for both analog and digital content
• Space architectural design system, modular and adaptable to space needs
• 14 posters that explain the experiences in detail
• Website that worked as a container of the process documentation and all the deliverables

Artlab was a space where three crucial elements overlapped during the project: Design, Technology and Art.

Design was the part led by Fjord, understanding human needs and behaviors while gereating creative solutions about the experiences and the architectural space.

Technology was led by Liquid Squad. They where in charge of Solving technology challenges creatively.

Art was led by Fundación Telefónica to help amplifying the original artistic message.
Just for fun, I created a logotype for Artlab using as references work from the avant-garde movements of the first decades of the 20th century as well as contemporary technology as 3d printing.
Examples of the experiences and space design posters deliverables

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