Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Design & Art direction
Gio Pandone & Paco Fernandez
Knu Kim
PhotographyDarío Vázquez
Carolina Piñerio
A project by Re—Union

For Tucca the beach means connecting with yourself, with the ones you love, with the sun, the waves, and the sea.

In 2018 Re—Union was commissioned to create a visual identity for Tucca. Tucca was born as an idea in 2016, with a clear purpose: completely reinventing the concept of the traditional beach towel. With pins through little holes in each corner, Tucca towels fix to the sand, removing the discomfort caused by the wind blowing at your towel, and the sand spreading all over it. Besides, two or more Tucca towels can be put together connecting their designs.

After several workshops with Germán, Tucca’s owner, we defined the brand purpose as a new beach experience that allows us to design your space uniquely, and with comfort. Then, we defined Tucca’s brand personality values: playful, connectable, and standout.

The visual identity it's inspired by the elements that surround Tucca: the sand, the sun, the sea, the sky. The logotype is made out of simple shape inspired by wood shape-matching toys, it also clearly reminds Tucca's pins design. The color palette serves as a background for the product in different supports functionally, at the same time, they reflect Tucca's personality. Typography conveys a bold attitude and playfulness. These elements create a unique visual language that responds to Tucca’s purpose and values.

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